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Invitation to “The Month of author’s reading in Brno” 2013

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During 2011 and 2012 I made 9 short portraits of young artists and fellowship holders at the Academy of Arts in Berlin. Here are three of them.

Meriam Bousselmi – performing arts fellowship 2012
Clara Montoya – fine arts fellowship 2011
Filip Zorzor – Villa-Serpentara fellowship 2012

Others were:

Steven Baelen – fine arts fellowship 2011, Ulrich Alexander Kreppein – music fellowship 2011, Nina Weitzner – Villa-Serpentara-Fellowship 2011, Julian Busch – architecture fellowship 2012, Nadine Fecht – fine arts fellowship 2012, Natalie Czech – Ellen-Auerbach-Fellowship 2012

A film about an old man with no needs and a remarkable past facing the hype as an artist against his will. During Communism Miroslav Tichý, who studied 3 years painting in Prague, was often imprisoned or put into a mad house because of his wild looks. Now in his old age he has to face the fame. In the art world he is presented as a fighter against the communist regime and his photographs are being sold for up to 12 000 Euro while he himself lives beyond wealth and fame. His admirers and gallerists he meets with irony and disrespect. His name means “the silent” but neither is he silent nor is it silent around him.
Cinematographer: Beate Scherer
Editor: Sarah Krumbach
Director: Nataša von Kopp

Produced by the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg 2007
Producer: Leif Alexis, Libor Tesacek

“The Tubist” is a film about Klaus Burger, a tuba musician and composer who is working as a freelancer and who’s interests lie in new music. The film visually translates his fascination about music and portraits Klaus Burger as an innovative musician and as an independent personality.
The film is from 2002 made at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg