In Progress: Roads And Toads / Áda and Elfi

trailer Roads and Toads – a road movie documentary
2:35 min.

This is a story about a search for the place everyone is longing for, the place of all places; real or unreal, secret or public. Will we find it?
Our film starts in Berlin, where we live. We are: Dora (Ear) and Nataša (Eye), two women with children and men at their sides. Dora lives in a cozy flat in East Berlin. But when she opens the window she sees a kindergarten with a sad looking backyard and hears crying children. So she keeps her window closed. Nataša lives in the former Stalin Allee („little Moscow“), which has six lanes and is one of the loudest streets in Berlin.
Is this where we will stay at for the rest of our lives? We decide to travel to the place of our origins, to South Bohemia. It is only us, a map, a car and two sleeping bags. We visit Dora’s parents and a local fortune-teller. She tells us about our future, our movie and sends us to the next place. From there on we will engage in a journey along the Czech Republic, Austria and finally back to Berlin, Germany. We will seek for answers along our way, where we will meet people who have a specific relationship to the place they live at. They are modern nomads, homeless, people who have found their place, people who are creating their place. People we encounter direct us to other people, they determine the route. We will be surprised, we will identify with our encounters, and we will be inspired. We will return transformed and have an answer to our question regarding the nature of the right place.
Dora Kaprálová and Nataša von Kopp

Formate: 16:9 – HD

Áda and Elfi
The impossible love of Adolf Holub, a non-professional filmmaker and painter who as a forced laborer in the 40s in Berlin, fell in love with the daughter of a communist. A secret, which today, 60 years after the end of the war, comes to the surface again and will be disclosed by his three children from his first marriage and his first love. A drama told through super 8 film footage.
Dora Kaprálová and Nataša von Kopp